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  • Invest with impact

    Invest with impact

    Impact investments aim to improve the lives of the approximately 4 billion people at the “Base of the Pyramid’ (“BoP”), earning less than $ 3,000 per year. The majority of these people live in Africa and Asia. Impact investment is an active approach to benefit people, planet and profit with the purpose to generate other returns beyond financial results. In this respect it differs from ‘negative screening’ or ‘avoidance’ and from grant-based and philanthropic initiatives.

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    Businesses & Projects

    Typical basic goods and services for those at the BoP include financial services, energy, affordable housing, health, education, water and food. As regular markets at the BoP are typically underserved by traditional businesses, Goodwell’s investments focus on Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) in the vicinity of BoP markets. SME’s understand regional dynamics and bring an immediate positive economic impulse through new employment.

    Goodwell Investments has built and manages a number of microfinance equity investment companies, in partnership with teams in India and West Africa. Goodwell also advises its clients on sustainable business solutions within the impact investment sector.

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    The Goodwell team aims to support local businesses by providing them with long term risk capital as well as guidance and support.

    Goodwell's model is based on building strong equal partnerships with local entrepreneurial investment teams with an aligned vision, combining professional investment experience, global networks and sector experience with on the ground investment skills and hands-on support

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