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Goodwell Impact Privak Comm.V. aims to broaden access to financial services and other basic goods and services and create livelihoods for un(der)served populations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Goodwell Impact Privak will invest in uMunthu Investment Company Ltd that is focused on inclusive businesses in Sub Saharan Africa. The privak’s objective is to fuel the growth and improve the outreach of these businesses and to provide an attractive rate of return to its investors.

The privak is regulated as a private privak under Belgian law. As such it is a Belgian private undertaking for collective investment with a fixed number of participation rights (a minimum of 6 unrelated investors is required), established for a fixed period and with the exclusive statutory goal of collective investment in authorised financial instruments issued by unlisted companies. The Privak is constituted as feeder vehicle which pools investors in order to invest in uMunthu.

The privak aims to attract capital commitments from individual investors, both private investors or family offices for Goodwell Impact Privak of EUR 5-10 million (minimal tickets as of EUR 250,000).

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