Berg De Bleecker joins Goodwell Investments

10 October 2017

Press release Amsterdam, October 10, 2017 – Goodwell Investments has welcomed Berg De Bleecker (44) as Investor Relations Director. She leaves ASN Bank as senior manager investment funds. Prior to ASN she performed similar functions at Triodos Investment Management and PGGM.

Els Boerhof, partner at Goodwell: “Our network of investors is unique. From breakthrough impact investors, entrepreneurs, foundations to family offices. And increasingly also development banks, pension funds, banks, and other institutional investors. Berg knows the needs of these target audiences well and brings specific know how and experience to the table.”

Goodwell is currently fundraising for its new fund uMunthu. This 100 million euro fund for Sub-Saharan Africa will invest in inclusive growth businesses in financial services, energy, transport, and agri. The first 15 million euro have already been committed allowing 6 new investments in Africa.

Berg De Bleecker: “uMunthu is a strong proposition for institutional investors that strive for market rate financial returns and positive social impact. Goodwell has built solid funds over the last 10 years and from its conception has invested in the development of strong local teams. The company has developed a positive and trustworthy reputation with both investors and investees as manager of impactful Private Equity in India and Africa. Goodwell is the type of ambitious investor in the inclusive growth sector that I want to contribute to.”

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