Cautious optimism in unprecedented times

03 April 2020

With the growing concern around COVID-19 and the implications for the investment landscape, we wanted to reassure you that as far as possible, we run our business as we used to at Goodwell.

We have adapted to the global measures to fight the Coronavirus pandemic to assure the continuity of our business during these unprecedented times. We continue operations at all our locations globally while adhering to all measures and guidelines as stipulated by the national governments of South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and The Netherlands. Therefore, all our teams are working from home, and all travel has been put on hold. As our office phones will not be answered, please reach out to our team members via email or their mobile phones.

Our local investment teams remain very close to our investments and we are therefore well-positioned to manage our finances and provide on-going support for our portfolio companies even during these challenging times. The digital nature of the majority of our portfolio companies and their experience with online products and services help with the relatively quick adaptation to new business realities. We are also convinced that while addressing the hurdles caused by the Coronavirus, business opportunities for growth and new innovations may present itself.

For a more detailed overview, check this link.

The developments we are currently witnessing are unprecedented and bring with them tough challenges. However, we are confident in the resilience of both our portfolio companies and our team and continue our efforts to build inclusive growth in Africa.

We realise that current developments will impact many individuals and businesses around the globe severely, and we wish you all the best coping with the impact.

For more information on our investment management or fundraising, please send an email to or reach out directly to any Goodwell team member that you are in touch with.

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