Els Boerhof listed as a Top 100 Philanthropic Influencer

11 December 2019

Els Boerhof, managing partner at Goodwell Investments, has been listed as one of the Top 100 most influential people in philanthropy in the Netherlands. Being included on the list is a great honour for both Els and Goodwell. It demonstrates her dedication to impact investment and Goodwell’s commitment to supporting the growth of inclusive businesses.

The Top 100 Most Influential People in Philanthropy is presented by De Dikke Blauwe. DDB is an initiative of the Lenthe Foundation who have been promoting social generosity for over 20 years. 

DDB100 is an the annual ranking of influencers in Dutch philanthropy and provide an overview of people making important and structural contributions to charity and social investment. Listed at number 70, Els has been recognised for her promotion of impact investing and leadership within Goodwell, a Dutch-based impact investment company that provides venture capital to local entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has been instrumental in fostering Goodwell’s collaborative and local-led approach to investing, a core component of their success to date. 

Els Boerhof joined Goodwell Investments as a partner in 2008. She manages Goodwell’s West Africa financial inclusion fund and is responsible for Goodwell’s uMunthu fund and has previously been named Enterprising Women of the Year in the Netherlands.

The full English translation of the ranking is below (originally in Dutch).

In 2015 at Filanthropium Summit in Hackfort Castle, Els Boerhof, managing partner of Goodwell Investments, was already promoting the increasing importance of investing in addition to donating. The emerging trend of impact investing has since become a strong movement. In the meantime, Goodwell Investments appears in the prestigious Impact Assets 50 ranking for the second year in a row. Goodwell owes this listing to, among others, the uMunthu Fund, which provides venture capital to local entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. The target for this fund is €100million, with €45 million already raised. Goodwell promotes an active and locally-led approach with ‘boots on the ground’, as opposed to the easy-going ‘armchair banking’. With her company, Els Boerhof is an example of how you can spur systemic change by advancing financial inclusion, enabling underserved people to participate in financial transactions and gain access to formal financial services.

Els DDB100

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