Goodwell COVID-19 response

08 April 2020

Over the next while, we’ll be sharing some updates of how our portfolio companies are responding to Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Keep an eye out for our #Goodwellresponds series for insights into how the virus is affecting sectors and communities across Africa, and the inspirational entrepreneurs working to help those most vulnerable.

Global differences in impact of COVID-19 

Around the globe, people, organisations, and governments are currently faced with the massive challenge of overcoming the impact of the Coronavirus. We are confronted with a universal pandemic that does not discriminate, engendered by the virus’ brutal treatment of all humans no matter who they are.

However, while countries across the globe implement similar measures to fight the virus, from social distancing to limiting transportation to complete lockdowns, we must acknowledge the inequality between nation’s resources and abilities to overcome the impact of a pandemic such as the Coronavirus. We understand better than anyone that health systems in Africa are not robust, and the virus can have major social and economic impact, especially for our target audience. We also know that social distancing is virtually impossible in crowded residential areas or packed buses or trains. People are forced to choose between working for a day’s wage or staying home without any income. While we acknowledge these painful realities, we are confident in the contribution that our investments can make in these markets: now, and certainly also into the future.

Goodwell response to COVID-19

Strong measures have been taken by governments across the African continent to bring the pandemic under control, and while many industries come to a standstill, others are poised to prosper. We are proud that our 17 portfolio companies provide a range of essential services to underserved communities in Africa, ensuring a stable food supply, access to critical financial services, and mobility options for people who need it most during this global pandemic

Some of our portfolio companies double down on their core business. Others have quickly redirected their efforts to continue creating positive impact and keep going while under current government restrictions. We have committed ourselves to supporting their efforts more than ever during this time. Our local investment teams have been working closely with our investees to understand the impact of COVID-19 on their business, teams and future. Through this continuous communication, we have heard many incredible stories of the ways in which our portfolio companies have responded to COVID-19. By sharing these, we hope to raise awareness of the realities and opportunities that a pandemic like the Coronavirus brings to business and investors alike. 

Follow our #Goodwellresponds series for further updates!

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