Pim Engels

Pim Engels is FMO’s Investment Officer FinTech and specialist on consumer protection. Mr. Engels joined FMO in 2010, after spending time with Triodos Investment Management, ING Microfinance and Grameen Bank. He specialized in analysing financial institutions in emerging markets in his roles as Credit Analyst and Investment Officer. In addition, he has been involved in the formation of FMO’s consumer protection policy. In April 2017, Mr. Engels was appointed Investment Officer FinTech in the Financial Institutions department. In this role, he is responsible for the FinTech investment strategy and support to financial institutions on digital transformation (globally).

Mr. Engels has a MSc in Growth, Development and Resource Economics from Tilburg University. He graduated with a Msc thesis on Mission Drift in Microfinance, which has been awarded with the University Meets Microfinance award in 2009. Furthermore, he holds a BSc in International Economics from Maastricht University.

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