Oradian, based in Nigeria and Croatia, has developed affordable, best-practice banking software for MFIs.

Banks across the globe are not serving small clients because of the high distribution cost associated with it. MFIs, through non-traditional business models, are filling the gap. A solid core banking system is essential for their efficiency and cost structure. However, traditional software providers are far too expensive for most (smaller) MFIs and their service to small organisations is notoriously bad. Another high expense for MFIs relates to IT hardware, like air-conditioned server rooms

Goodwell aims to give more people in Africa access to better quality and more affordable financial services. Building efficient and scalable MFIs with lower cost structures is part of that strategy

The Oradian software, called Instafin, is proprietary and cloud-based. The business model is Software as a Service (SAAS). MFIs pay a fixed amount per client and data are hosted in the cloud. The result is much cheaper and more reliable software, tailored to MFIs.

MFIs only need an internet connection and no hardware or IT department. MFIs will be able to pass the lower cost structures on to their clients by means of lower interest rates or transaction fees. Clients will receive services at their doorstep, saving them time and money (including travel and waiting times).

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