Sendy is an on-demand delivery platform whose mission is to connect individuals and businesses to third party drivers across Africa, helping deliver goods and parcels, simply and transparently using a cutting edge, user focused technology platform, lowering logistical costs for businesses.

Currently the cargo/parcel is delivered directly to the customer, but the company is piloting an agency and aggregation model where cargo/parcel will first be aggregated at a central

In East Africa-just like sub-saharan Africa, the transport prices are high compared to the value of the goods transported, and that transport predictability and reliability is low by international standards according to the World Bank (2007a). These high costs are as a result of poor infrastructure, limited technology and expertise and a fragmented market. Through technology platforms; Sendy is trying to address these gaps.

This aligns well with the Goodwell strategy to give more people in the BoP access to better quality, more relevant and more affordable basic goods and services.

Sendy started in 2015 in the capital of Kenya , Nairobi. Over the three years, Sendy has shown dramatic growth and now has completed over 180k deliveries, have ~700 drivers in their platform and recorded ~$1.5m revenue in 2018. The growth potential for Sendy is still massive, as they were first to offer on demand delivery platform in the region. Today they are on track to record revenues of over $5m in 2019. Sendy’s addressable market is East Africa; with Kenya as the leading market in Logistics and Transport (as is the case in most sectors).

Sendy is in the process of developing an aggregation model which help increase the efficiency. Sendy has a large positive social impact in the low and middle income population. Through reduced logistics costs for manufacturers and SMEs that sell products which in tandem reduces product costs and makes them affordable to the general public. This will reduce the about 40% transport costs that contribute to the final product by c. 10% over time and will keep reducing over time even as Sendy and other market players improve on their efficiency and are able to reduce delivery cost. Sendy also creates stable income for drivers on the platform.

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