As one of the largest MFIs in India, Share Microfin serves 3.74 million members across 18 states and 215 districts across India, with assets totalling USD$270 million as of December 2014. The micro-finance company provides financial and support services to economically marginalised populations, primarily women, positively impacting the financial security of those living in rural areas.

Goodwell invested in Share when the company was facing a liquidity squeeze and successfully brought along a substantial investor. Since then, an impact assessment conducted by the UK Institute of Development has testifies that 76% of Share Microfin’s clientele have seen a reduction in poverty since 2011 and 50% are no longer living in poverty.

Since Goodwell’s initial investment, Share Microfin has grown by 50% and aims to expand its product range, client base and geographic coverage throughout India.

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